Thursday, January 6, 2011

Allergen-Free Cuisine (Gluten-Free Recipes)

She has a lot of gluten-free recipes on her site. However, she uses xanthan gum which is derived from corn. Does anyone know of a corn-free substitute for xanthan gum (besides guar gum which can be hard on the digestive system)?

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  1. I would suggest just skipping it and seeing how your recipes turn out. I used to think I NEEDED xanthan gum until I started using it, and I really don't like it. It is very hard to work with, and gets everything it touches gummy. So adding it to frozen yogurt or salad dressing or whatever results in weird gummy clumps, and gummy measuring spoons, etc. That stuff is impossible to wash off too. Not worth it.

    In salad dressings, mustard powder works nicely (skip the dijon prepared stuff, which obviously has random additives you can't control or won't find on the label), as does honey, depending on the effect you want. For other recipes like soups, you could try rice flour or some equivalent that you aren't allergic to. Flours usually work better as thickeners if they are cooked in some kind of fat - even coconut or olive oil would probably work. The longer you cook it, the less thickening agent it has, but also the less floury taste it has.

    Or maybe almond or cashew paste would work. I say if there are ingredients in any recipe you object to, try just skipping them rather than complicating your life by trying to track down good substitutes.

    Good luck!