Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nut and Seed Milk Shakes

Any seed or nut that can be made into milk can be used to make a milkshake.

5 Brazil nuts
1 cup water 1 large frozen banana, cut into chuncks
1 1/2 t carob powder

Put Brazil nuts and water in blender. Blend on low a few seconds, then turn it to high speed. Blend until the mixture is smooth, scraping sides of the container with a spatula, if necessary. Add frozen bananas and carob. Blend until smooth and creamy and serve.

Variations: Other "smooth" nuts, such as cashews, pecans, and walnuts, can be made directly into milkshakes. Place about 2 T of nuts into blender, and proceed as above.

Variations: Fruits, fresh or frozen, can be blended with nut milks. Try peaches, strawberries, dates, figs, or mango in addition to the banana. Add a teaspoon of maple syrup for sweetness, if necessary.

*Recipe courtesy of Food Allergy Cookbook

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