Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids and Healthy Food

I believe the food we eat affects our mind, body, and spirit.

Mothers have many responsibilities. Two responsibilities that I feel very passionate about are:

1) helping our children develop healthy bodies, and

2) helping our children develop healthy habits.


If I cook healthy food and my children don't eat it, it doesn't do them any good. Good intentions are not enough in this case.

In my home everyone eats the food that was prepared. (Our kitchen is not a restaurant where you can choose what you would like to eat at mealtime.)

If our kids choose not to finish their dinner, they know they'll be eating it for breakfast. They don't see that as a punishment; they know it is our family rule.

We do make exceptions if we know a child really does not like a certain food. For instance, my daughter doesn't like really sweet foods, anything that is chewy and will stick to her teeth, and black beans. We don't make her eat those foods.

Trying new foods and eating a variety of food is so important when it comes to getting the nutrition our bodies need. Children need this well-rounded nutrition more than anyone else while their little bodies are developing. Our responsibility as mothers is to make sure they eat the food that is good for them and not just the food they want.

After all, don't we want children who are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually? Who can "run and not be weary and walk and not faint"? And who can fulfill their life mission without being held back by diet-induced issues? This won't happen by chance. We must be proactive!


Many of the recipes you feed your children now will be the recipes that are passed on for generations. (Think about your recipe collection and all the recipes you have from your mother and grandmother!)

What you feed your family now will partly determine what your grandchildren will eat in their homes. And the food they eat in their homes will affect how healthy or unhealthy they are. It will play a big part in determining which diseases they will develop, suffer with, and die from.

When you look at the big picture, what you feed your family right now really does matter! It matters a lot!

We can literally eliminate many diseases just by changing what we eat. Isn't that amazing?!

It is my hope that WE will be the generation of mothers who will step up and make that happen.

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